TESOL International Expert English Teacher Certification

The US TESOL International English Teacher Expert Qualification Certificate is composed of three online TESOL certificate courses: TESOL Online Advanced Course + TESOL Online Children's English Course + TESOL Online Business English Course, which is the most systematic, comprehensive and optimized course system.

Students who have completed all TESOL expert courses, passed the exam, and passed the test, can get TESOL children, TESOL business, TESOL advanced 3 TESOL certificate. Participants can also apply for an additional TESOL expert certificate in accordance with the process.

$ 1,850.00


$ 720.00


 TESOL International Children's English Teacher Certification

Teachers at the American TESOL Education Institute focus on a variety of training methods that make them best suited for use in TESOL classrooms. Teachers are a very rewarding profession, and children's English teaching is more fun, creative, and a very stable career.

The TESOL Education Society of the United States has specially set up a certificate program for children's English teachers. With a US TESOL certificate, you will be qualified to teach English for children. The textbooks for our US children's English TESOL certificate program include electronic document materials and English teaching guides. The English teaching guide is designed for children from elementary school to elementary school, junior high school, and even high school age.


TESOL International Business English Teacher Certification 

English has become the de facto lingua franca of international economic activity in the world, and it is no surprise that the demand for English teachers around the world is not surprising. For example, in economically developed Japan, in order to meet the needs of international business operations, many people spend money on English conversations in English houses or English training schools.  

TESOL International Senior English Teacher Certification  

The US TESOL Online Advanced Course is equipped with 2 textbooks, multiple e-books reference books (electronic document materials) and online DEMO demonstration videos . After completing this advanced course in TESOL, you will be qualified to teach ESL English teaching in the adult age group. Teachers are a very rewarding profession, and English teaching is more fun, creative, and a very stable career.

TESOL International Foundation English Teacher Certification  

The US TESOL Online Basic English Teacher Certification Program will give you a comprehensive English instructional guide for children, business or seniors. TESOL students can choose to study any of the two TESOL courses in TESOL Kids, TESOL Business, and TESOL Advanced. The TESOL approach we discuss here is focused on helping you build the most appropriate teaching system.

$ 735.00


$ 820.00


¥ 1,235.00


American TESOL Academy
Step-by-step approach to English learning.
The American TESOL Academy English Certificate Examination is a comprehensive and in-depth examination. It makes the process of learning English more pleasant, effective and rewarding. We follow a unique approach to encourage you to continue learning, and we also develop a cleaning path to help you improve your language skills. We have designed different series of English registration certificates for different fields such as campus, general purpose, higher education and workplace.
Together with us, we encourage learners to make continuous progress
American TESOL Academy
Our rich free teaching resources, curriculum plans and activities are designed to help you know that students learn English. We also have a series of teaching qualification exams, courses and teaching support to help you become an excellent English teacher.

You’re fully covered with our exclusive Practicum & Work Experience

In the United States, all ESL teaching overseas and online requires teaching experience or supervised and evaluated teaching practice. Schools do not want to teach ESL for the first time with paid students.

Do not complete the TESOL/TEFL course, it is not guaranteed that your teaching practice can provide you with the experience needed to ensure good teaching work.

At TESOL/TEFL AMERICA, we support all TESOL/TEFL courses (nationally and internationally recognized) and provide fully guaranteed teaching practice.

Job Support Guarantee

Don't fall into the trap of completing TESOL/TEFL (national, international, online or classroom certification) courses, just to find out that you don't have guaranteed job support, or just "job support" means that you can apply for your own job without the need for a dedicated team of job support.

Make full use of TESOL/TEFL AMERICA job support assurance, and after graduation due diligence.

TESOL/TEFL American Work Support Team will be your work advocate, dedicated to finding successful ESL teaching work for you, whether in the United States, online or overseas. All TESOL/TEFL graduates can receive job support, whether you are studying a course approved by the U.S. government or a non-certified course in our major.

Our work support includes:

A guaranteed online teaching job interview with affiliate online schools

Contacting ESL/ELICOS schools in Australia or overseas to request job interviews

An extensive Job Guide about ESL teaching jobs and conditions around the world

CV advice

Job interview advice

Regular available job information

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