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TESOL Africa Mission 2020- Scholarship
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Established in January 2018, TESOL Canada's Africa Mission 2020 concentrates on promoting TESOL and the United Nations Peace Keeping and Education Missions in Africa. Through the African Education Fund, TESOL Canada helps to promote ESL (English,) FSL (French,) and ASL (Arabic) education in developing African countries and rural areas. Additional courses such as Urban Development, Entrepreneurship, and Micro Financing are suggested programs to formulate financial stabilities of urban areas. Career development courses are provided through joint collaborations of TESOL Canada affiliated colleges.   
Africa Mission 2020, Teachers Scholarship award is for language teachers from African countries to attend Joint Conference of TESOL USA & TESOL Canada for their first time, and to be published in TESOL Canada Journal.
This award may be used either toward Online TESOL Canada approved courses or the joint TESOL Canada- TESOL USA Conference attendance. This award is not for In-Class course participation within the United States of America or Canada. There is no visa facilitation, and all courses are online. 
Supporting Documents:
1.Updated Resume.
2.Two pages autobiography and motivational letter.
3.Scanned image of an official government issued ID card.
4.Study Program's Application
5.Scholarship's Application 
To apply, please email the supporting documents, and complete the General Scholarship Application Form.