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TESOL CANADA- 20th Anniversary Award (Summer 2018)
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TESOL Canada's 20th Anniversary Scholarship is to support the completion of In-Class and Online TESOL Studies at an approved TESOL Canada or TESOL USA institution in Canada, the U.S.A, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Syria, Iraq, Iran, China, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Philippines, France, and Spain. Applicants from non-listed countries may only qualify for Online Studies Grants.  Canada & the U.S.A Award is $1000 for each qualified applicant willing to study in Canada or the U.S.A, either online or in-class. In other countries, the scholarships will cover 50 % percent of tuition fees applicable to local tuition rates. TESOL grants can reduce tuition costs of TESOL programs (not the registration fee.)  The application is open to applicants from all countries.
Supporting Documents:
1.Updated Resume.
2.Two pages autobiography and motivational letter.
3.Scanned image of an official government issued ID card.
4.Study Program's Application
5.Scholarship's Application 
To apply, please email the supporting documents, and complete the General Scholarship Application Form.