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Fill in the application form correctly
Submission of relevant documents
Audit and approval
Pay tuition fees
Receive or express the full set of textbooks (CD-ROM)
Opening Learning Platform 
01 Fill in the application form correctly: Chinese teacher's Chinese name should be marked by Pinyin, and foreign teacher's name should be given by passport.
02 Submit relevant certificates: Chinese teachers submit the highest English level certificate, the highest degree certificate; foreign teachers provide passports, the highest degree certificate. All the above documents need to be scanned.
03 Audit Pass: TESOL trainees will pass the audit in 1-2 working days after submitting all the information.
04 pay tuition: payment can be accepted by cash, POS, bank transfer, online banking, Alipay and so on.
05 Receiving or Expressing Full Set of Textbooks (CD-ROM): The textbooks include tutorial textbooks, syllabuses and CD-ROMs for the teaching of the textbooks; we can arrange express textbooks for students from other places free of charge.
06 Open Learning Platform: Students can start learning formally after 1-2 working days. If you have any questions in the registration process, please call TESOL China Line 021-51078189.
Consultation or confirmation
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