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Do I need a degree to teach English overseas? The simple answer is No.

It is generally believed that a university degree or teaching experience is required to obtain an overseas teaching position. I'm here to say - you can teach English overseas without a degree.

There are many countries overseas that do not need degree English teaching. More than four beautiful continents (Europe, Asia, South America and Africa) - more than one billion people around the world are actively learning English. Although some countries may require a visa degree, most countries only need a recognized TESOL/TEFL certificate (at least 140 hours), and most schools want to get teaching practice.

Whether you want a gap year, career breaks or new challenges.

This course also includes teaching practice with actual international students to prepare for your actual teaching. Internship is a compulsory course for all TESOL/TEFL courses.

This course also allows you to teach English online anywhere in the world (via Internet connection). This means that you can enjoy the lifestyle of your laptop and work anywhere or just at home.